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Med Spa Treatments

Med spa treatments have grown in popularity starting 2012.  Medical spa and laser center have sprung up in huge number in the United States.  Med spa center offers the ultimate comfort for men and women in a quick and affordable way.  Most of the local med spas center offers specialized treatments for the skin, hair and body conditions.  Here are some services provided by most local med spas near you.

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Laser Services

Laser Hair Removal

The entire hair removal process is virtually painless.  Prior to the process, the professionals use numbing cream and apply continuous Zimmer cooling to affected areas.  The laser hair removal procedure requires 4-6 treatments and a follow up of another 6-12 months of touch up.

Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

Many med spa and beauty center put up advertisement claiming that the laser hair removal procedure is permanent.  Please do not believe that.  Laser hair removal treats each follicle and that is permanent.  However, our body produces new follicles over time.  This is the reason why a regular touch up is required.  Laser treatment is as close to a permanent as you can get.

Laser Photo Treatments

Pigmentation is a common problem among many.  It makes your skin look older than it really is and it is also unsightly.  The medical esthetician are the expert in this and they can help to reduce this pigmentation.  A common approach is to use Laser Photo treatment on the skin surface.  It is also common to use skin care products and Hydra-facial LED light skin treatment together.

Laser Vein Treatments

Hyper-vascularity and varicose veins – these 2 are common problems and can be treated easily with today’s advanced medical equipment.  Our cosmetic specialists are skilled and experienced in treating these unwanted vascular changes which include Rosacea and spider veins.  Hydra-Facial with LED light is used in post laser treatment to help reduce the risk of recurrence.

Laser Skin Tightening

Our skin starts to get loose as we age. This is a natural process. However, we can reverse, or slow down this process with laser treatment. Laser skin tightening is a popular treatment among the older folks. Laser skin tightening is effective in tightening the skin around the areas of the neck, face, and decollete.

Peels And Facials

Prestige Peel

Prestige peel is the most common and also the most popular method used by med spas.  Prestige peel is a medium depth peel with different peels all combined into 1 session.  It helps to correct pigmentation.  You can expect to see an impressive result of a more youthful and refreshed skin after even just 1 session.

Brilliance Peel

Brilliance peel uses a stronger peel and is suitable for younger adults.  This strong peel is also ideal for those that have never had a peel before, and wish to seek quick result.  This is a good treatment before any major event such as weddings and birthdays because Brilliance peel can help create that glowing skin after just 1 treatment.

Melanage Peel

If you have irregular pigmentation on your neck or face, then Melanage peel is the perfect choice for you.  This peel helps to correct and minimize irregular pigmentation.

Chemical Peel

In med spas, medical esthetician helps to customize chemical peels to treat individual skin problems such as acne scars, chronic acne, irregular pigmentation etc.

Advanced Microdermabrasion

This advance technique combines the use of serum, enzyme, lactic, and vitamin c to help repair your skin.

Swiss Facials

This is med spa premier facial spa service.  You will enjoy a 120 minutes of relax, refresh and renew facial spa.  You can also choose to add on a 90 minutes of deep cleansing treatment.  The whole facial treatment is done in a calm environment with fragrance and list spa music.

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